Intention Candle


The intention candle line has been carefully crafted to ensure that the essential/fragrance oil, stones/crystals, florals and herbs, compliment each other in both fragrance, but in your daily intention practice.  Each candle is hand poured using pure coconut & soy wax and fragranced using pure essential oils and/or paraben & phalate free fragrance oil. Dye free. 

Abundance - This candle has been designed to celebrate and bring abundance. Enjoy this candle while practicing gratitude and sending positivity into the world. Fragranced with sweet orange, pink grapefruit and patchouli essential oils and features nephrite jasper stone and dried orange peel. 

Clarity - Designed to lift the spirit, creating a sense of peace and calm within. Aquamarine is said to promote tranquility, clarity and harmony. Fragranced with clary sage, peppermint and rosemary essential oils and features aquamarine stone and dried peppermint and rosemary leaves. 

Relax - This candle has been designed to promote rest and relaxation.  Fragranced with lavender essential oil, topped with amethyst stones and dried lavender buds and calendula petals.  

Rose Petal - Garnet is the feature stone in this candle which is believed to promote higher thinking and self empowerment.  Fragranced with rose petal fragrance oil and dried rose petals.