About Us

Springer & Oake

What's in a Name? 
Springer & Oake is to pay homage to the women in our family's history.   
Springer originates from my great grandmother on my mother's side.  She was a woman ahead of her time.  She was born in 1903, and in 1921 she became an unwed mother in North Dakota.  She chose to keep my grandmother and raise her with the support of her family. My great grandmother eventually married into a family who was in the salon and beauty school industry in California where she learned the trade and business.  Unfortunately the marriage did not last.  Eventually, she settled in Edmonton, where she owned and operated her own salon and beauty school.  She eventually went on to open businesses in Calgary, and Vancouver as well; she never remarried and her accomplishments were her own. Her daughter, my grandmother, married and they moved to Regina, where they opened and operated Phillips for Beauty on Scarth St. until the 1970's.  
Oake originates from my grandmother's maiden name on my father's side. This grandmother was the quintessential farm daughter and later wife in rural Saskatchewan(Arcola).  Life was challenging on the prairies during her life; she lived through the dirty 30's. She loved music and sewing.  She taught me to sew and be creative. She also ensured that myself and siblings were given a music education.  
Both women had profound effects on my life and have inspired me in numerous ways.  Their strength, conviction, and perseverance inspired me to start my company. My hope is that I can have the same affect on the next generation and emulate the same example for my own daughters. 
Everyone has a story, don't be afraid of sharing it.
Thank you!